Monday, August 5, 2013

Butt Crack of Dawn

I'm no morning person, AT ALL!  I don't even pretend to be a morning person.  I absolutely HATE getting up and out of bed, so most mornings I am usually rushed to get ready and drive to work, usually arriving at 8:07 a.m. every single morning, 8:07.  Why not get up 7 minutes earlier and arrive to work at 8:00?  That's what I ask myself all the time.  I don't know I guess I'm just programmed to get to my destination late.

I have done a lot of research into "How to wake up earlier each day" and found some tips, here.   Do not laugh, people have actually done studies on this and many blogs tell you how to become a morning person.  Ok, who am I kidding, I laughed reading them.  Really, can someone actually become a morning person?  Some people just have it in them, alarm goes off and they jump up out of bed ready to start the day.   Others, like me, have every intention of getting out of bed and doing something in the morning, but that's the night before, by morning, none of those things seem important and I tell myself, it can wait.

Today starts another trial of working out in the mornings.  How did it go?  Well the alarm went off at 5:30, without even opening my eyes I reach over and hit snooze.  (Exactly what everyone recommends not doing.) Here we go again, let's take baby steps into getting out of bed early.  After what seemed like an hour, I grabbed my glasses and put them on so I can see what time it is, knowing I'm late, but wait, guess what, it's only 5:36!  My alarm should be going off in 2 minutes, so I wait, because you don't think I want to get out of bed before my alarm, right?!  And I wait, and wait, 5:38....maybe I shut it off instead of hitting snooze, because how many of you have your snooze set for 8 minutes?  Not me!  I have it set for 9 minutes!  Boom the alarm sounds and I am up and out the door ready to start my run.  We ran 1.80 miles this morning and it felt great.  I feel great!  Let's see how tired I feel this afternoon.

Day 1 of getting out of bed early complete!  Bring on Day 2....

<3 Julie

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