Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No One Quite Like a Runner

Before I started running, whenever I would see someone out running, I'd think,  I wish I could run.  Finally in 2010, I worked up enough courage to start running.  I remember the first day I stepped on a treadmill, I couldn't even run for 5 minutes.  Over the next few months running became easier for me, something I actually enjoyed doing.  My first 5k was the Council Bluffs 5K and Half Marathon, running along the route I thought, these people are encouraging me and they don't even know me.  As I neared the finish line I heard people yelling, you're almost there, keep pushing, you're doing great, again, complete strangers.  It was then I realized that there is no one quite like a runner.  They are friendly, giving high fives as you come across the finish line, handing you a water.  They are encouraging, many walk back down the route to cheer others on. They are supportive, when you feel like giving up, they tell you it's almost over and you'll feel better as soon as you cross that line.

I'm a member of an online running group and the support we offer each other is outstanding.  People from across the nation encouraging, motivating, supporting other runners, whether you started yesterday and ran for 2 minutes or you've been running for many years.

It's Gage's first year in cross country, and recently I was talking with a senior who has been running cross country for 4 years and she said the same thing about their team, there is nothing like our little group, it's like we are family, we do everything together.

I noticed yesterday at that first meet, that the high school kids stuck around and really encouraged the junior high kids, who were just starting out.  They ran around the course cheering them on, letting them know they were doing a great job.  It reminded me again, that runners are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.