Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pirates Patch

I backed out of the garage this morning and immediately wished I had a patch on my eye.  Or maybe a toothpick to hold it open!  Drove 1 block and wondered how the hell I was going to make it the rest of the way to work.  Maybe I should call in.  I almost pulled over in one of those truck stop rest area's, but I'm scared of those places, yes I know, it's day light and a hundred cars pass by each day, but truck stop rest areas scare me.  I'm actually afraid of being snatched away and no one would ever know. - Seriously it's my biggest fear - that and I'm afraid of the dark - but back to my damn eye....

Why can't it be cloudy and dark out today?  Who wishes that?  This girl did today, because of my damn cornea ulcer on my left eye.  What the blankety blank is a cornea ulcer? Well, it's a scratch on the cornea which is now infected.  How does that happen?  According to my eye doctor it's from sleeping in my contacts.  Doc I've been sleeping in contacts since BEFORE I started wearing the overnight contacts.  What I think happened? On the 4th of July something hit and scratched my eye!  I remember because it hurt like a b*#%$!  And now it looks like this-

All red, gross, and half closed!  

Have you ever had to sit in a dark room, with the blinds closed, because your eye hurts so bad?  Yep, that's me today! (It actually is dark in here)


I will also be sportin' glasses for a few weeks, while the precious eye heals and NO MORE SLEEPING IN CONTACTS!  

Lesson learned.

<3 Julie

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