Monday, July 29, 2013

Hiding food from your kids

We just returned from vacation and had a great time while away.  I just love getting away for a few days and now that the kids are older its so much more relaxing for me.  

I've been craving a malt for a few days now, not just any malt, but a homemade one or one from your local mom and pop ice cream place.  Tonight I finally stopped and picked up some ice cream to make myself a one and wouldn't you know, I forgot to make it! Yep, that's how bad I wanted a malt.

Now confession time: Is it terrible that I want to hide the ice cream from the boys so they don't eat it before I get my malt?  Oh come on!  Like YOU'VE never done it!  I know some of you have hidden things from your kids. There is a whole Facebook page on this stuff!  I know other parents do it, because yesterday when I stopped at the store one mom admitted to me that she was going to sit in her car and enjoy her candy bar before going home, because 1) if she ate it at home her kids would cry because she didn't bring them one and 2) it was right before dinner and apparently it's not ok to have dessert before dinner, unless you're my family, we eat dessert whenever, for breakfast, before dinner, at midnight, it's dessert, you're supposed to enjoy it!  

Now I know you hide snacks, food, or drinks from your kids, so fess up.  What are they?  

I'm off to go hide the ice cream behind the frozen fruit, they'll never move things!  

<3 Julie

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