Friday, June 28, 2013

Running So Slow a Mosquito Bit Me

As the baseball season is winding down and coming to an end (blog post later), I have more time to actually run again! 

 I started running regularly about three and a half years ago when a friend of mine said, hey we should start running.  We both started, very slowly, and I mean VERY slowly, and I've stuck with it.  Running was something I wanted to do, but didn't know where to start.  Ok I knew where to start, I just didn't want people, or other runners to see me running, well walking at a pace a little quicker than a mall walk, and laugh or think, what the hell is she doing.  Now that I consider myself a runner, or part-time runner, I know that other runners would never look at a person and think that, they look at a person who wants to run and think, I remember being in their shoes.

The other night, I set out on my first run in a few days, ok, in over a week!  It's hot, it's humid and down right gross out, and I'm maybe a half mile in and I think, why do I keep doing this to myself?  Why do I build up a nice base and then stop for weeks on end?  I hate that side ache you get, the blisters on your toes, the pain in your legs the next day.  I hate the thought that I could run 5+ miles a day and now it's challenging just getting in 3 miles.  

I'm not one to follow the rules, even when it comes to running.  For crying out loud, my first mile was over 12 minutes!  As I climb to the top of the hill, I think, maybe I should have had more water today instead of those 3 glasses of tea and super nachos before I started out on this run.  Maybe I shouldn't breathe through my mouth, because now I have to choke up this bug that flew in and straight down my throat.  Maybe I should have worn a wick-a-way shirt, because this all cotton one is really hurting my arm pits right about now.  So I stop, because as I get to the top, these guys were looking at me like I was crazy.

But I LOVE running.  I love that running clears my head.  I love the feeling I have after a run, the feeling that I just went out there and kicked some ass!  (Even if it was only for 2 miles).  

Here's more of why I love to run: 
  1. I run to leave my troubles behind.
  2. I run to move forward.
  3. I run to be alone.
  4. I run to be with others.
  5. I run to push myself to my limits.
  6. I run to test myself.
  7. I run to think about everything.
  8. I run to think about nothing.
  9. I run to listen to my heart.
  10. I run to listen to my thoughts.
  11. I run to take in the scenery.
  12. I run to listen to the quiet.
  13. I run to just get out and go.
  14. I run to buy new shoes.
  15. I run to breathe.
  16. I run to relax.
  17. I run to energize.
  18. I run to get sweaty.
  19. I run to become breathless.
  20. I run to manage my weight.
  21. I run to enjoy that dessert
  22. I run to be fit.
  23. I run to be healthy.
  24. I run to have great lungs.
  25. I run to escape.
  26. I run to feel alive.
  27. I run to post it on Facebook and annoy people.
  28. I run to motivate others to get out there and move.
  29. And most importantly I run because it's cheaper than therapy
When I got back from my run, I felt amazing!  I was in such a better mood, I didn't feel exhausted and more importantly I felt like I deserved that ice cream bar.  So like any runner would do, I sat down and enjoyed every minute of it.  

<3 Julie

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